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Disciples of Apocalypse

Aight, now that you've seen our Headbangers site, here's another tag team page that you will enjoy.

I couldn't find that much on DOA, so here's what's what right now.

Now, don't even try telling me these guys don't look good...

Stuff about 'Em

Info  (since I have no clue as to what is happening with the entire 

DOA, lets just focus our detention on Skull and 8-Ball.)

Skull and 8-Ball
AKA Don and Ron Harris
AKA "Brothers of the Road"

both 6'6" tall...or somewhere around there
weigh around 283 pounds.  
two damn big sexy guys.  
let's see what else...
managed by Paul Ellerig, that how ya spell it?
umm...I'd bone either of them any day.

How d'ya like my stats?  


8-Ball lookin good on his bike
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