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You have entered the Headbangers World

WARNING-This site contain

headbanger content, and may not be suitable for anyone over the age of 40. Please
EXIT now or suffer the consequences.

This is the Headbangers One-Stop. This is, or should be, or will be one day, the only place on the internet to get everything one might need to be or become a successful world class headbanger.

Those guy up there are the

headbangers from the WWF. Their names are Mosh and Thrasher, and they'll be my bouncers for today, so if any of you kids get too out of hand, he'll be the one you'll have to deal with.

I'm your host Janna. I'll be telling you whats what and what to do. So if you don't feel like listening to this cat just walk right

OUT the way you came in.

Listen to the headbanger entrance music

Sorted HEADBANGING links for your convenience.

General Metal Band Links
Generally for the general metal links, like...Pantera, Metallica..
Hardcore Metal Links
These links are of the HARDCORE bands such as Earth Crisis, 25 ta life, Stuck Mojo...
The GAY metal links
For those of you who like the gay MTV type metal like Korn, Limp Bizkit...if you're offended argue with me, don't cry about it.
Death Metal and Black Metal Links
No terms needed, thanks to Murky

Also, if you like to wear HEADBANGER jewelry, I don't...atleast not the stuff on this page, but I've never been to it, visit this little

Metal Head Jewelry Shop

HATE MAIL Believe me, you want to read this.

FAN MAIL You can read this if you want to, its just a bunch of people either kissing our asses or thanking us or whatever..

SNAKES! We love them! They are the greatest pets you could ever have, and a few *LUCKY* boys got to view the picture of me and Bridget with my Albino Burmese Python, but Tripod made us take the picture down. But visit this

snake page of mine

All about us page here-

US page
Our WWF love/hate page
Our DOA page
Win our award
Me and Bridget wearing our headbanger boxers
Another nice Headbangers webage
The Ego Poll
What do you think of everything on this page? (ie Headbangers, DOA, Janna and Bridget)

Current Results

So who here thinks the Headbangers might wrestle tonight...and win? Naa...oh well I'll cry about that later. But tonite the DOA will be fighting Kane and Taker. WOOH! But guess what, THEY'RE GONNA LOSE! This JOB is the start of more JOBS to come people. Let's just say I've said so from the start.

So if you think this page is DONE you're sooorly mistaken..and if you think its lame and could be less lame, MAIL ME and I'll do whatever you tell me too. Almost. Or if you want to bitch or argue with me, that's fine, you won't win though.

email Mosh
email Thrasher
email them both

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There have been headbangers to visit this site, since we redid the whole damn thing (August 23rd)

This page was created by Janna and Bridget...and the html nonsense was done by someone else.


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